Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Arizona Thank you!

We did it!  Thank you Arizona!

The pundits and political class said our state was vulnerable and Trump had ZERO chance to win, but we certainly proved them wrong!  Arizona stayed “red” and Donald Trump earned a resounding and deserved victory.

Thank you for your passionate hard work to “Make America Great Again.”

Last night was a great victory for our country and we are honored that Arizona contributed to history.

We should be proud of our efforts here. It is because of your hard work that America will have a new vision on the future.

Our volunteer effort was unprecedented – just look at what we accomplished for Mr. Trump:

•    More than 1.5 Million Phone Calls
•    More than 160,000 Trump Stickers
•    More than 150,000 Doors Knocked
•    More than 65,000 Trump-Pence Yard Signs (New Arizona Record)
•    More than 20,000 Trump Rally Signs
•    More than 12,000 Arizonans Volunteered
•    More than 10,000 Bumper Stickers
•    More than 8,500 Trump t-shirts

Thank you to our leaders, State Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer of the Trump campaign, Jeff DeWit, and Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham, who have sacrificed much in order to sustain the values we all cherish. Their leadership and commitment to winning was paramount.

Thank you, Governor Doug Ducey for your valuable support in welcoming our nominees to our great state.

Thank you to Governor Jan Brewer whose unwavering support for and defense of Mr. Trump represented Arizona well as a national Trump surrogate.

Thank you to Congressman Trent Franks who’s been a consistent and strong ally here in Arizona.

Thank you to Sheriff Joe Arpaio whose sturdy, no nonsense mentality invigorated supporters across the state.

Thank you to Sheriff Paul Babeu who answered the call under every circumstance.

Despite the media criticism, our Arizona leaders stood together behind our movement.

As we all know, Donald Trump made the most compelling case to change the dishonest, corrupt culture in our nations capital. He will right the ship by focusing on tax cuts, job creation, and national security.

It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you in support of Mr. Trump and our shared vision for a better America.

Congratulations on an incredible victory and on to the White House!

We know the Democrats are down today, but they will fight back.  We must all stand and be ready to defend the vision of this movement.  I know when we can call upon you again to stand up for America, you will be there.

Thank you.
With great appreciation,
State Chairman Phil Lovas and State Director Brian Seitchik