Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Arizona Leadership Are they listening to the people?

Phoenix, Arizona-Maybe this time the governor and the Republican leadership will listen to what the people of Arizona want? Recently, a poll showed that a majority of Republican, Democratic and Independent voters oppose using public money for private schools. But that is exactly what Republican leaders have been pushing at the Legislature by expanding voucher programs.

The poll results came on the heels of a national report that names Arizona as one of the few states in the nation to cut student funding by about 10 percent or more since 2008, while enacting tax cuts.

“Our country’s future depends heavily on the quality of its schools.  Increasing financial support can help K-12 schools implement proven reforms such as hiring and retaining excellent teachers, reducing class sizes, and expanding the availability of high-quality early education.  So it’s problematic that so many states have headed in the opposite direction over the last decade.  These cuts risk undermining schools’ capacity to develop the intelligence and creativity of the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs.”  

That is not the future House Democrats want for Arizona students and businesses. Our state leaders have an obligation to support the public education system that serves the majority of Arizona students. As long as Republican leadership continues to fail to prioritize schools, we can expect our classroom sizes to continue to grow, our teachers to continue to leave the state and business executives to continue to see schools as a “key weakness” for our state. House Democrats will continue to carry this message to the governor and Republican leadership until it gets through.  Click here to find ways to ensure your voice is heard.