Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wikileaks Julian Assange Is BACK! Speaks About Hillary Clinton & John Podesta VIDEO

Julian Assange is back... internetless from the US demand on the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK.. but back in the fray of things!

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So what Julian is saying is that the Clinton people think that anyone who sides with Trump is white trash. He is also saying that Hillary and Obama have blocked him from speaking until after the election. He doesn't think that Trump can win because of the pressure put on by all the arms of the government. This is tyranny folks.
Cindy +Red Shift Your welcome, it is sad that so few even know what tyranny is. But I know this it, when the press won't even tell the true stories and calls them all lies, while donating to Hillary. While DOJ and FBI directors were both involved with and appointed by Clintons years ago. They have been licking the Clinton's tushes for years, so they refuse to justice. I am praying Trump wins to bring all these cons to justice once and or all. And let the world know this will not be tolerate anymore in the USA.
Cindy +enchanted Yes, we have raised up a hedonistic society. Too lazy to even look into the elections. Most have no morals or scruples and don't want to hear about it. I am hoping those fools stay home this election. They all talk about voting, but they don't always do it. Let's pray that is the case. I even heard George Soros say today that Trump will win by a landslide, but Hillary has the electoral college sewed up. I am praying to God, that the college turns on her.
insimplebeing “Hillary draws about her: intelligence agencies, the Neo-conservatives that started the Iraq war, the weapons manufacturers, the big banks, the investment companies like Goldman Sachs, most of the middle class, and most of the media.” [Editorial Note: when institutions lead, the middle-class follow] I see the PowersThatBe start jamming the signal at about 15 minutes into the video.
That noise just makes me listen even more closely.
+Bobbi Crouse On it.
Wooohooooo! Burn that evil bitch and her empire of bottom feeding morons down! Justice for #SethRich #FeelTheBern #BasementDwellers #deplorables #FuckYouHillary
I wish Russia would sneak him out of there, and on to Russia. Certainly better to be free in the whole of Russia.
SafariConcert .. my got feeling tells me he will be taken to safety...just feel it...
Hillary Clinton will put Assange away for life. Unless, her Parkinson's disease finally brings her down to the debts of Hell. That woman is so evil...with all her wars and displaced women & children all over Syria, Iraq and Libya... She is a monster.

Are we sure this is a new video?
danny jThis is current since it refers to the internet shutdown and recent events. However, one must wonder still if that is truly Julian Assange speaking. The Powers That Be have had the technology to electronically simulate voice for many years now. In fact, TPTB have the technology to alter facial movements and substitute speech in real time videos. In other words, a live broadcast can be altered to make it appear and sound like the speaker is saying something completely different!
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I love me some Julian! Long live Assange!
Does anyone else have faulty sound half way thru?
Is anyone else not convinced by this?
And the technology exists to electronically simulate voice patterns. In fact, video can be altered in real time to make a face appear to say words that the speaker was not really saying.
I keep telling people! The feds need to be disarmed and dismissed! The big government is hurting just about everyone on planet earth! 😢
a hero and a fearless whistle blower.. thank you Julian... and you Michael...
We are watching history being made. Right here. on you f'n tube.
 marccas10 How this man is still mentally glued together is a fucking miracle! He must be as hard as nails to have stayed in that embassy for 4 years. Yes I know, he knows, that he will be sent to America and probably never see the light of day again but, just think about your life for the last 4 years Christmases that have come and gone and summers have come and gone and your life has gone by. Now shut your eyes and just imagine all that time in one place. You are a hero sir and a stronger man than me. "The Hyenas stand on top of the vanquished lion and imagine themselves as Lions, but they will always be Hyenas."
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Remember all the 'Osama bin Laden' videos?!!!
Is it really his voice, he sound different 🤔
Shared and tweeted. Thanks so much.
I'm not convinced that's Assange.
+Paul What exactly is he saying here?
You are our hero Julian. Thank you.
All you conspiracy theorists if you have no proof that this is not Jillian Assange speaking shut the FUCK UP, please. Anyone with a functioning brain would know it's Assange speaking on the phone.
L6915I'm going to assume that this is Assange. I'm also going to assume that you are of low IQ. That may not necessarily be your fault, but there you go. Because even though this may well be Assange, if you can't see that there is a possibility that it isn't, or that there is a strong likelihood that this is a series of edited clips from his previous speeches, then you are a fool. I suspect you don't ask many questions in life.
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The problem with America is right here in this comment section. People who didn't bother to watch the video start immediately harping on this as being "no proof", while in the same video Julian confirms that his internet has been turned off - confirmed to the public on October 17th - and says he is pretty much being silenced until after the election. ADHD is a serious issue. Maybe some of you can take a trip the Ecuadorian embassy personally and provide the real deets for those of us who aren't privy to him being anything other than alive.

enchanted .. sadly need to say many Americans are just plain stupid...