Friday, October 14, 2016

The NY Times Trump “Groping” Story is FALSE! Here’s Proof…

More PROOF – NY Times Accuser Made Her Story Up About Trump’s “Groping” – CONFIRMED!
Yesterday, the New York Times’ video attacking Trump looked fake simply because the “victim” borrowed her claims against Trump directly from a famous song.
Now, Trump assault accuser Jessica Leeds has been caught red-handed!
Leeds has been appearing on television news networks, and she recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she flew on Brainiff International Airways 707s from Dallas, Texas to New York City in 1979.
However, they didn’t have 707s back then… only 727s:
new york times trump hoax
In addition, the armrest that Trump supposedly adjusted to “grope” her on the plane cannot be moved!
In addition, Jessica Leeds, who is a registered Democrat, was accused of causing more than $1 million in damages as a broker, and may have been in serious financial trouble:
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