Saturday, October 8, 2016

NC National Committeewoman Dr Ada M Fisher Continues in her Support of Trump

For Immediate Release
October 8, 2016 Salisbury, NC
 NC National Committeewoman Continues in her Support of Trump

 Eleven years ago Donald John Trump, the Republican Candidate, reportedly engaged in comments about women that unfortunately  reflected, then as well as now, the actions of too many powerful men from John F. Kennedy to Lyndon Johnson to Bill Clinton and other politicians at all levels of government.  Such comments are inappropriate and do a disservice to over fifty percent of the population which is comprised of women.  As a feminist who believes in equal opportunities for women and who has operated in corporate America and politics, such assumptions of privilege by men is not uncommon though not an excuse for its continuation.

I still support the Trump candidacy for his opponent has repeatedly violated the law and failed to uphold the principles of the US Constitution which have put the nation's security at risk.  As one who held a security clearance, such actions as have been shown by Clinton's handling of emails, her lack of transparency in operating the Clinton Foundation which should be closed and devoid of Clinton family input as well as her questionable judgment in dealing in foreign affairs makes her unfit to serve as President of the USA.  The failure of the Justice Department to have a special prosecutor involved in such questionable actions puts her above the law and subterfuges the concept of equal justice with no one being above the law.

I am infuriated by the Clinton ads which talk about "Black Lives Matter" without failing to disclose her hand along with that of her husband in formulating policies of three strikes and you're imprisoned which has seen thousands of what she termed "Super Predators" imprisoned who per her "should be brought to heel."  Now she panders stating she wants to change the law ignoring the great Judicial Reforms instituted in states like North Carolina and Indiana. 

Republicans stand for "We the people. . ."not the excesses from the Clinton view of . . . we the government."  I'm voting for Trump/Pence.

Ada M. Fisher, MD, MPH

NC Republican National Committeewoman