Sunday, October 9, 2016

Drudge Report on Hillary Clinton


  1. What MORE does America need to hear to realize what this woman IS? WAKE UP DEMs! A vote for Killary WILL KILL AMERICA! You'll go to sleep & wake up to COMMUNISM! Its all she's studied since college & beyond!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE ITS TOOOOO LATE...

    1. Alinsky student

    2. What do you mean before its to late . That time has came and went. The statement made at Pearl Harbor of I fear all that has been done here today was TO HAVE AWOKEN A SLEEPING GIANT . and somewhere between Vietnam and today America has been put back to bed and no one really seems to be interested in waking her back up. This has not been America for sometime now except by name only. And i really believe that we will never see her again. People no longer stand together unless in protest about what another group of people have tone to offend them. They stand together when burning neighborhoods down, they stand together with hands out stretched waiting on their free government handouts. It sickens my stomach to hear Lady Liberty's cries for help knowing that there falling on deaf ears.

    3. Killary could bake and eat a baby on live T.V. and her sheeple would ask for a "to go" bag!
      When will her sheeple realize she's rotten to the core?


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