Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A tale of two city council races and their IE's

The truth is out there
PHOENIX - The Phoenix City Council District 3 race has gone nasty, but not thanks to the candidates themselves - thanks to the independent expenditures.  Add to the nasty, the endorsements and party loyalties are criss-crossed.

DeRose, according to inside sources not wanting to be named,  is the target independent expenditure mailers from the Arizona Voter Education Project, reportedly heavily funded by the Phoenix Fire Fighters union, who is afraid DeRose may be another Sal Diciccio.  Councilman Diciccio is a public endorser of DeRose, along with Councilman Jim Waring, Congressman David Schweikert and some other prominent Republican officer holders.

The mailers have labeled DeRose a "Fraud," saying he stole research on one of his best-selling books, is not really a felony prosecutor, just works appeals issue in the Arizona Attorney General's office, doesn't really live in the District and he donates to Democrats.  Interestingly enough, residency is not a requirement to run, only to hold office. As for donating to Democrats, DeRose is a long time personal friend of Councilwoman Kate Gallego (he was the best man at her wedding to her husband Congressman Ruben Gallego).

Deb Stark's campaign, not to be caught without Republicans has outgoing County Supervisor Andy Kunasek endorsing her in a Stark mailer entitled "What Republican Leaders Are Saying About Councilwoman Deb Stark."  Stark, a lifelong Democrat, has been shunned by the Democratic party leadership, who is backing Jim Mapstead, who left the Democratic party and became a registered independent before running for council.  It seems Mapstead's campaign mail is going to Democrats and independents, not to Republicans - at least I haven't found a Republican getting his mailers.

Not to worry, thought, because the Conservative Families Support DeRose independent expenditure released its mailer stating DeRose is "The only Republican in the Race."

Mesa - vote for the church guy?

Jeremy Whittaker is running for Mesa City Council and in his campaign promotions, has a photo of himself and his wife embraced in front of Mesa's Mormon Temple.  Except Whittaker is not LDS.  In fact, LDS leaders for years have asked their members to avoid bringing the church into campaigns.

Whittaker is the owner of N2 Network Solutions, some type of electronic marketing firm.  Whittaker, as reported in his campaign finance statements, has loaned his campaigned several thousand dollars.  His campaign has also spent more than $6,000 with N2 Network Solutions for "digital ad creation and placement." Good plan - loan your campaign money, then pay the money to a company you own to do the electronic work.

Shelly Allen, a Republican, is running against Whittaker in the November 8th run off.  Allen is backed by the fire fighters - but the Mesa Firefighters play well with Republicans and their local president is a Republican.  Whittaker's independent expenditure attack piece, funded by the "Arizona Citizens United" hit Whittaker hard on his church photo and other fine points.

Confused?  It is just that kind of election year.

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