Sunday, September 25, 2016

UPDATE:On Petition For AZGOP Chairman to Remove Two AZ Electoral College Members

The AZGOP Chairman should not be held responsible for the deception of two appointees. He accepted their word they would cast electoral vote for the nominee. 
This deception came to light because one of the nominees circulated the
Story about Jane Lynch in: Politico ran a story under: "Voting for Trump under Gritted Teeth". Another story that was certain to be read was: "McCain colluders Graham, Lynch set to scuttleTrump"
The most interesting information on this web site is the link of John Kasich endorsements.  
Two of the signatures endorsed Kasich BEFORE they were appointed as members of the AZGOP Electoral College. I don’t believe that AZGOP chairman knew of the deception.
The AZGOP Presidential Electors are Foster Morgan of Glendale, Walter Begay of Kayenta, Bruce Ash of Tucson, Sharon Giese of Mesa, Jim O’Connor and Jerry Hayden of Scottsdale, and Robert Graham, Edward Robson Joyce Carol, Alberto Gutier and Jane Lynch of Phoenix