Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary Wore Earpiece Radio Receiver During Live Matt Lauer TV Townhall Event

Did She Need words fed to her to answer questions!

SuperStation95in New York City has confirmed with our sources in the NYPD, that Clinton was using a very expensive earpiece receiver to receive stealth communications from her campaign handlers during Wednesday’s Presidential Forum carried live on NBC.
While Clinton was fielding questions from NBC’s Matt Lauer and the public Wednesday night on live television, a quiet buzz started circulating in New York law enforcement circles about Hillary’s left ear. NYPD sources confirm Clinton was wearing an ‘inductive earpiece,” the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off-stage cues from directors.
The skin-tone piece Clinton was wearing, however, was somewhat different from the standard issued stealth earpiece and is much different inappearance from a hearing aid. This unit is considered a “micro” earbud which contains all the technology but is a fraction of the size with a very highprice tag. In fact, most of the units this size, approximately 3mm or comparable to a small pearl stud earring, are normally issued to law enforcement or corporate security teams, sources said.
Ironically, the revelation that Clinton was wearing such a unit might have only been recognized because of astute NYPD officers attached to her security details who are accustomed to seeing the stealth apparatus at stage showsand security personnel of VIPs and international dignitaries at the United nations and elsewhere in the five boroughs. Likewise, NYPD detectives employ a parallel technology to communicate during undercover Ops.
Based on experts familiar with the technology, the stealth earpiece operates on a bandwidth from 300 Hz to 4KHz. Many such units are powered by SONY. The range of the unit can be unlimited depending on how the back end is set up. Technically, you could receive cues from 100 feet away or someone sitting in Washington D.C., experts said. The set up and range is flexible based on need and use.

Story is Developing. We Will update it more as we receive additional details.  Once again, Hillary is caught CHEATING her way toward the White House.