Friday, September 16, 2016

BREAKING: New DNC Leaks Blow Hillary’s Health

Hillary Clinton's health is abysmal. Her Clinton Foundation is under attack as an obscene pay-to-play scheme for elites and billionaires to gain undue backdoor access to US policy. Her relationships with top media organizations go against basic tenets of journalism, transparency, and leadership.

The leaks will also likely cause further damage to the Clinton campaign as well. A 2013 email between Hillary and her aides was included in the leaks. The email implies that the presidential hopeful has a serious health condition called Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis. According to WebMD, the condition is rare and life-threatening, causing death in up to 30% of cases. Those who expressed concerns regarding Clinton’s health may be vindicated by these as well as upcoming leaks.(You can view the full e-mail below the video)
The leaks will also likely reopen the Benghazi controversy, an ongoing headache for Clinton, as Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s closest aides, gave Clinton credit in a private email for inspiring the protests that saw 4 Americans killed. This may weaken Clinton’s claims that the protests were inspired by an anti-Islamic video.
The amount of corruption exposed by the second Guccifer 2.0 release is truly astounding. However, Wikileaks claims there is more to come, including evidence that Bernie Sanders was threatened to relinquish his candidacy in favor of Clinton. If Wikileaks does indeed have more information even more incriminating than what has been released, it begs the question if more mysterious deaths will follow this round of leaks or if something bigger may be in the works to distract the public from the exposed corruption.