Thursday, September 15, 2016

AZGOP Chairman's Name SHOULD NOT Be on iPetition Re: Removing Electoral College Member

Whoever started this "Arizona GOP Selected Non Trump Supporters for Electorat" iPetition needs to learn the rules, an appointee to the Electoral College is required to sign a pledge they will cast their vote for the nominee. Also if you start a petition your name should be on it as the maker, otherwise it's just another hit piece by an unknown source.
1.       Robert Graham’s name should not be on here, he supports Trump
2.      You are making allegations that Graham is out to cheat Trump supporter without any verifiable proof.
3.      I will reiterate the Jane Lynch story “Robert Graham, I don't believe had any knowledge of Jane Lynch's mind set until she made this comment that was reported by a Politico reporter: "Jane Lynch, a GOP veteran from Arizona, says she’ll likely cast her personal vote for libertarian Gary Johnson or a write-in candidate." She did go on to indicate she would cast her electoral vote for Trump.”
4.     Unless you can provide e-mails from Carole Joyce her name should not have been included.
5.      The body of the petition was changed without notice to those who signed the petition.
6.     You might use spell check to check your spelling error’s.
Petition To Remove AZ GOP Chairman and Jane Lynch From AZ Electoral CollegeRobert Graham, is once again attempting to cheat the Arizona Trump supporters, and the Trump supporters of this country, by chosing Presidential electors for the Donald J Trump ticket who are not true Trump supporters. This would include Jane Lynch, who has openly and publicly come out in opposition to Trump since being put on the electorate. We, the people or Arizona, as well as our fellow Trump supporters across this country, demand that Robert Graham immediately withdraw both Jane Lynch, as well as himself from of this slate if possible per statute. If not, we demand that the below Pledge be signed as it will be sent to all electors. In addition, we are also aware that many of the others did not support Trump in the primary, and yet another electorate, Carol Joyce, has made very negative comments about Trump on many email chains. It is customary and proper to place only true Trump supporters on an electorate. We believe Mr. Graham is doing this purposefully to cheat Donald J. Trump, our elected nominee, out of votes thus shifting the outcome of this election. The outcome of this election is vital not only to the people of Arizona, but it is vital to this entire county. We will not stand silent and are aware that the establishment has continued to move forward with unethical practices.
****Please note***** I completely understand why people want to have factual information presented to them before signing. I would as well. Therefore, I will be putting links on this petition this evening. In addition, I will be writing something up for these electorates and I invite all of you signing this to join me in asking our electorates to prove ahead of time their allegiance to the Trump ticket by singing a pledge that they will vote Trump if he wins the state.
This election is far, far too important, in so many ways, to have to continue playing these games with people who are not committed to doing what they are supposed to be doing.
These are the chosen electorates. The following will be sent to them.
The AZGOP Presidential Electors have been announced. They are Foster Morgan of Glendale, Walter Begay of Kayenta, Bruce Ash of Tucson, Sharon Giese of Mesa, Jim O’Connor and Jerry Hayden of Scottsdale, and Robert Graham, Edward Robson Joyce Carol, Alberto Gutier and Jane Lynch of Phoenix.
It has come to our attention that Robert Graham has put Presidential electors on the Trump slate who have not supported Trump in the primary, been negatively speaking of Trump in multiple emails, have publicly come out saying they will write in a candidate or will support Gary Johnson. Mr. Graham, while “supporting Trump” on his Twitter feed, has done things to sabotage this campaign such as telling volunteers to leave the Trump rallies, thus leaving the Trump campaign with no table, no interaction with supporters, no way to sign up supporters as volunteers, and no way to register supporters. Even those wanting to donate to the campaign during the rally where turned away. This is just one of the many things that have been going on.
Since actions speak louder than words, we are asking for the following Presidential electors to sign this Pledge below. Each electorator will be receiving this individually and immediately. We will be reporting on the ones who send it back to us personally signed.
I __(name)_________________pledge, as a chosen Presidential Elector for the State of Arizona Republican Party, to put my vote in for Donald J. Trump for President should Mr. Trump win the state of Arizona.
I understand that if I do not fulfill this obligation that I am participating in frauding the Arizona people and the people of the United States of America by disrespecting our electorate process and voting against the will of the people.
Please print full name below: