Monday, September 12, 2016

Around The Net Hillary's Collapse on 9-11 Will She Quit

After Collapse, Dems Meet to Discuss REPLACING HILLARY – Breaking News
hillary healthOne former anchor for MSNBC seems to think so, posting to social media yesterday that top [ more]
Hillary Clinton Might QUIT The Race – Over This NEW Video of Her COLLAPSE
You see a lot of headlines about something-or-other ending Hillary’s presidential run, but this might be the real deal. Fox News was the first to report that Hillary collapsed while leaving [ more]
Did Hillary Cheat With An Earpiece? This is What She Thinks…
At the NBC presidential forum, people are certain they saw an earpiece inside of Hillary Clinton’s left ear. This issue went viral on Facebook and Twitter.
No One Noticed the Massive Lie Hillary Told at Last Night’s Debate – AWFUL! 

Widely considered to be her worst foreign policy debacle as Secretary of State, Clinton seems to have blocked the entire Benghazi terror attack from her memory. Almost as if her mind has been wiped clean – like her server.
In May, Clinton said “Libya was a different kind of calculation, and we didn’t lose a single person.”
In June, she doubled down. In an interview for PBS’ Newshour, Clinton again defended her role in pushing the Obama administration to intervene in Libya saying, “After due diligence, we came up with a way of supporting their efforts that didn’t cost a single American life.”
Hillary must be of the belief nobody is paying attention. Or she simply recognizes that her lies are so plentiful, that adding another to the mix and repeating it over and over again won’t make much difference. Because now she’s tripled down on that comment …