Monday, September 12, 2016

Arizona Republicans In LD24 Have Their Long Knives Out For Leader

Again Republicans Try to Deep Six Their Own

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While the leader of Arizona Republican LD 24 was in the hospital a member or members of the group stealthily and in secret got their long knives out to recruit a candidate to run against him if decided he was going for full term of his own instead of a replacement for the former chairman who moved to a greener pasture. Again Republicans showed they would rather stab their own in back than be transparent.
The really sad part is that he trusted them and his trust was paid back with a Benedict Arnold action. be

LD24 Appears To Be In Turmoil the past couple of days over what could be viewed as another coupe to purge one more reported “conservative leaning PC from a leadership position.” As readers may recall, a few weeks ago an out-of-state PAC mailer targeted long-time PCs Bob and Cindy Thomas, who are known as two of LD24’s “hardest working PCs,” by leaving their names off a candidate flyer.
That backfired when the voters became aware of the skullduggery and they re-elected Bob and Cindy over a couple of the PAC recommended candidates in the Aug 30 primary. Yesterday, another shenanigan started surfacing.
It seems while LD24 Chairman Timothy Lee was recuperating from foot surgery and going through rehab the past couple of months, a few PCS quietly recruited Barry Wong to run against Lee for the upcoming Chairmanship election – never mind that Lee had already appointed Paul Smith as chairman of the LDs nominating committee.
 Lee’s surgeon released him this past week to become active again and --- ironically, the well-kept secret to throw him under bus – leaked to him.
As readers may recall, Lee served as the AZGOP Treasurer for about 10 years.
He moved to LD24 from Pinal County a couple of years ago and became the LD24 Chair when Ken Bennett resigned to get into the congressional race.
So Lee’s hardly a novice at the inter-workings of the party; he knows most of the party secrets for the past decade and where the skeletons are buried. It is going to be interesting to see how this situation plays out.

More should bubble to the surface in the next few days. In the meanwhile, it should be an alert to conservative-leaning LD chairs. Who knows how many others are targeted??? - ft