Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Arizona: Petition To Remove AZ GOP Chairman and Jane Lynch From AZ Electoral College

I signed this petition to see what it was all about.
 "Arizona GOP Selected Non Trump Supporters for Electorate"
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There are inconsistences in the petition.
1. Robert Graham supports Trump and should not be included for appointing a life long Republican to the Arizona electoral college.
2. Robert Graham, I don't believe had any knowledge of Jane Lynch's mind set until she made this comment to a Politico reporter: "Jane Lynch, a GOP veteran from Arizona, says she’ll likely cast her personal vote for libertarian Gary Johnson or a write-in candidate." She did go on to indicate she would cast her electoral vote for Trump.
3. To my knowledge Carole Joyce has never had an account on any social media. Any negative comments she may have made about Trump would have been in an e-mail. For her to be included proof  of comments would need to be provided.
If you wish to sign the petition:
It has come to our attention that our AZ GOP Chairman, Robert Graham, is once again attempting to cheat the Arizona Trump supporters, and the Trump supporters of this country, by chosing electorates for the Donald J Trump ticket who are not Trump supporters. This would include Jane Lynch, who has openly and publicly come out in opposition to Trump since being put on the electorate. We, the people or Arizona, as well as our fellow Trump supporters across this country, demand that Robert Graham immediately withdraw both Jane Lynch, as well as himself from of this slate. In addition, we are also aware that many of the others did not support Trump in the primary, and yet another electorate, Carol Joyce, has made very negative comments about Trump on social media. It is customary and proper to place only true Trump supporters on an electorate. We believe Mr. Graham is doing this purposefully to cheat Donald J Trump, our elected nominee, out of votes thus shifting the outcome of this election. The outcome of this election is vital to not only the people of Arizona, but this entire county. We will not stand silent and are aware that the establishment has continued to move forward with unethical practices.