Friday, August 5, 2016

Tom Tancredo: Paul Ryan Has Enabled Illegal Immigration ‘Since The Day He Walked Into Congress’

Kenosha, WI – Former Congressman Tom Tancredo called on House Speaker Paul Ryan to “stand up” and “tell people the truth” about his longstanding support of the donor class’ open borders agenda.
Tancredo explained that Paul Ryan is a “poster boy” for the Chamber of Commerce and supports the Chambers’ desire for cheap foreign labor regardless of how it “hurts [his] own constituents.”
Tom Tancredo, American Constitution party candidate for Colorado governor, delivers his concession speech during an election night event Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010, in Aurora, Colo. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)“I’ve known Paul Ryan since the day he walked into Congress,” Tancredo told reporters on Wednesday. “And I assure you… he has never, ever, ever been supportive of any of the attempts that have been made to secure our borders, or to do anything substantial about the issue of illegal immigration into the country.”
At a Wednesday press conference held at Nehlen’s headquarters in Kenosha, Tancredo, Tancredo urged Ryan to “tell your constituents who you are”:
Stand up in front of your constituents and say: ‘Look, I’m an open borders guy. The Chamber [of Commerce] believes in it, the Chamber wants cheap labor, [and] I respond to what the Chamber wants. I always have. I’m an establishment guy.’ Tell your constituents who you are. I think that’s the really responsible and respectable thing to do. [Tell voters] ‘I’m for TPP even though, yeah, most of my constituents are going to get hurt by it, but the Chamber wants that.’ Stand up, Paul, and say that. Because that’s the truth, and you have a responsibility to tell people the truth.

Tancredo informed reporters that he came to Wisconsin in order to “throw the B.S. flag” on Ryan’s recent campaign efforts to misrepresent his record on immigration. Full Article