Wednesday, August 31, 2016

THE SECOND AMENDMENT by Michael Connelly

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I will state this as clearly as possible; if we lose our right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the Constitution we will permanently lose our Constitutional Republic and our freedom. We will become the subjects of a government of elitists who have no tolerance for individual liberties or even individual thought.
            The Second Amendment was placed in the Constitution for a specific purpose. The founding fathers had just gone through a long and bloody revolution to secure their freedom from English tyranny and had been struggling to form a new country that would be unlike anything the world had ever seen before. They were forming a Constitutional Republic, and they did not know if it would be successful.
            They wanted a government run by the citizens, not one that made people subjects of the government. However, they were aware that if it failed and started to become a tyrannical form of government the people would once again have to fight for their freedoms. Such a fight would require the use of firearms, most owned by the people themselves. So the framers of the Constitution added the Second Amendment to the document to ensure that the right of the people to keep and bear arms would not be “infringed” upon by the government.
            Now, we have a President of the United States, a democrat candidate for President, and the progressive democrats in Congress and the Judiciary that have decided that the founding fathers got it all wrong. They have determined that they are the elites who must run the government for their benefit without interference from the ignorant low life “people.”
            However, the elites have a problem; millions of Americans are armed and still believe in the American dream of freedom. Even worse for the progressives is the fact that millions of those armed Americans are military veterans like me, who took an oath to “protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That is an oath that has no expiration date.
            The progressives see the solution to this problem as a simple one, abolish the Second Amendment and disarm the American people. They have been working on this for years, despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has twice ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is in fact an individual right guaranteed to every American. The assault on the Second Amendment has taken place at the local, state, and federal level, but has intensified to epic proportions under the current administration.
            For the past three years those of us at the United States Justice Foundation have been working with veterans who are having their Second and Fifth Amendment rights stripped from them by illegal and unconstitutional actions by the federal and some state governments. Now, we are seeing the same thing happening to Social Security recipients just as I predicted in an article on this blog last year.
            As is the policy of the progressives, they are trying to do all of this under the radar so the American people will be unaware of what is happening to them. Now the efforts are accelerating, and once again it is under the radar. For several years
I have been warning that the Obama administration has been violating federal law by illegally gathering and storing information on Americans who legally purchase firearms.
            When you go to a licensed firearm dealer you are required to fill out a form that is then sent immediately to the FBI so a background check to make sure you are not on the NICS list of people who are prohibited from owning firearms. Federal law requires that once the determination has been made, both the FBI and the firearms dealer are required to destroy the document and keep no record of it.
The dealers are complying with the law, but the federal government is not and the names, addresses, and social security numbers of hundreds of thousands of Americans have been kept on file and Obama is planning to turn that information over to the United Nations in order to comply with a requirement of the UN Small Arms treaty that was signed by John Kerry on Obama’s behalf, but has never been submitted to the Senate for ratification as required by the Constitution.
Yet, despite the fact that no treaty signed by the President can be enforced without two-thirds of the Senate ratifying it, Obama has gone one step further. He has signed an executive order declaring gunsmiths in the United States be classified as firearms manufacturers that export firearms to foreign countries and are therefore subject to UN Small Arms requirements that they pay exorbitant fees to stay in business. The goal is obvious, to put these small businesses that repair and refurbish firearms for American citizens out of business.
However, Obama was not done yet. He has ordered ATF to illegally ban the chemical compound nitrocellulose; the key and essential ingredient in smokeless gunpowder that is used in all firearm ammunition manufactured in the United States. This illegal and unconstitutional action will cause the ammunition already manufactured to be extremely expensive and new ammo eventually unavailable.
Hillary Clinton not only agrees with everything Obama has done, but has plans of her own to finish off the Second Amendment. She has vowed to put the NRA out of business and wants to outlaw the private ownership of handguns, and she will appoint justices to the Supreme Court that will finalize the destruction of the Constitution. It is time for us to let all Americans know how important the right to keep and bear arms is, because the elitists already know what it means to their plans for a Nazi America, and they want to take it down along with the rest of the Constitution.
Michael Connelly