Monday, August 1, 2016

Open Letter to Mr. Mansoor Khadir Khan Who Asked For Help To Denounce Trump:HELL NO

I received the below e-mail from Mr. Kahn (how did he get my e-mail?) asking me to join him in denouncing Trump.
Image result for Mansoor Khadir khan at dnc convention
Here is my response I WOULDN’T denounce TRUMP under any circumstances he has a right under the constitution that you say you carry your pocket to ask a question or have an opinion. I am also an American citizen born in the USA.

Instead of bashing Donald Trump for his right to state his opinion, you should be on your knees praying to whomever that you live in America can bash a person for having an opinion or asking a question.

Mr. Khan, you had a mega stage and worldwide audience to provide clarity and truth from a Muslim man who lost his son 12 years ago, an American Soldier, to Islamists Terrorist. 
You had an opportunity to denounce Isis, Muslim Brotherhood and the entire terrorist originations instead you took the opportunity to support a sitting president and Hillary Clinton, who had abandoned Four Americans in Benghazi at the hand of Islamist Terrorist and lied about it. 

Mr. Khan, you had the chance as a Muslim family that stood with the principles, values of liberty and freedom in which you have found a home.
Instead you chose to make a speech that politicized the death of your son at the hands of Islamist terrorist and to benefit a wanna be president. be
Yes, I am a Muslim

I am a Muslim -- hurt by Donald Trump’s racist plans to ban me from entering the United States.

I’m also an American -- deeply offended by Donald Trump’s personal attacks on the Khan family.

I now carry a pocket-sized Constitution, like the Khan family, the Gold Star Muslim parents who lost their son in war. I’d be happy to lend my copy to Donald Trump.

I want to remind Mr. Trump that our Constitution carries the words “liberty” and “equal protection of the laws” -- as Khizr Khan pointedly highlighted last week.

Please join me to denounce Donald Trump >>

I am the son of Indian immigrants. Hardworking parents who -- like Khizr and Ghazala Khan -- came to this country for a better life.

When Donald Trump attacks the Khan family, he’s attacking me, my parents, millions of American Muslim families, and the spirit of what makes our nation so great.

Let’s send a message to Donald Trump -- and join me in denouncing him >>
We are a country of different faiths, bound by a belief that our differences only make us stronger -- and that together, we can build a better America for future generations.

I'm asking for your help, not as a Muslim -- but as a son, a husband and as an American.

Let’s denounce Trump, together.

Thank you,
Mansoor Khadir
DCCC Regional Field Director