Friday, August 5, 2016

Lloyd Marcus, Live from Trump Rally in Daytona Beach!

A local Trump campaign coordinator and longtime friend, Tony Leadbetter, called to offer me VIP tickets to the Trump rally at the Ocean Convention Center in Daytona Beach, Fla.  Tony's follow-up email gave directions to the designated VIP parking lot.  His email also said the doors opened at 9am for the 3pm rally.
I thought, Mary and I will arrive around 2pm.  Boy, was that a mistake.  Folks, I have not seen anything like it.  Streets leading to the convention center's numerous parking lots were blocked off with orange cones and orange vested personnel instructing cars to move on.  Mary and I finally found a place to park five blocks away.  As we walked back to the convention center in the sunny, humid, over-90-degrees Florida heat, we saw mobs of people with Trump signs doing the same, coming from all directions.
Hundreds, maybe even a thousand disappointed supporters were not permitted into the convention center.  It was full.  Still, the orderly yet electric crowd cheered when Trump's motorcade arrived an hour late, led by several motorcycle cops.  Police were everywhere.  Was Obama in town?  No, Donald Trump.
There were protesters, around seven of them, totally ignored by the masses of Trump supporters.
What struck me most was the extremely broad range of Trump supporters, from young people covered head to toe with piercings and tattoos to distinguished, well dressed seniors – and every demographic in between.  Clearly, these people were super-excited about seeing and hearing Trump.
More and more of my Florida Tea Party homeys are jumping aboard the Trump Train.  Here is a simple reason why.
Republican PACs raised millions promising their donors (Tea Party consumers) that they would defend conservative principles and push back against Obama ignoring the Constitution, thus behaving as king.  Instead, the GOP ignored their power of the purse and funded everything Obama wanted against the will of We the People.
Behaving like reasonable consumers, the Tea Party rejected their old ineffective product (professional politicians) and rallied behind a new product (Donald Trump).  Even if Trump does not give them everything they want, Tea Party Americans believe that Trump will give them at least some of what they want.  They also realize that Hillary is the devil.  That's it in a nutshell, folks.
Exposing themselves for who they truly are, some Republicans say they will financially support and vote for Hillary.  That is outrageous!
Mary shot this short video of me outside the Daytona Beach Trump rally.
Doug Balch, another longtime friend, put together a fun, campy music video of my Trump Train song.  Please check it out.  Feel free to post, share, and spread far and wide.
Oh, did I mention that Mary and I were not granted entry into the Trump rally?  The convention center was filled to capacity.  We told the guard at the VIP entrance, "I'm Lloyd Marcus, and we have VIP passes."  He replied, "Sorry, Sir.  We are full."
With my ego deflated, Mary and I went to the Hibachi Buffet.  I overate. 
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