Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hillary Recruiting Dreamers "Children of Illegals" For Campaign

Image result for hillary clinton estoyThe Media Is Completely Ignoring Who Hillary Just Recruited To Get People To Vote For Her

The children of illegal immigrants — the youngsters so glowingly referred to by Democrats as “Dreamers” — are now being enlisted by the Clinton campaign to help Hillary achieve her dream of becoming president.

Even though they themselves cannot vote, they may be able to convince immigrants who could cast a ballot to register and, in all likelihood, head to the polls in November with Democrats on their list of preferred candidates.

Team Clinton has launched a program to recruit the young illegals known as “Dreamers” into a voter registration army — and its marching orders, while not explicit, are certainly understood.
Commemorating the four-year anniversary of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, “Mi Sueno, Tu Voto” (My Dream, Your Vote), is now underway to “secure commitments” from immigrants who can vote to register so they’re “Ready for Hillary.”

On Monday, the Democratic National Committee celebrated the DACA anniversary and said that Clinton, should she be elected, will go even further than Obama:
“Hillary Clinton is committed to introducing immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship within her first 100 days in office and she will continue defending DACA and DAPA from partisan attacks,”
Astrid Silva, an illegal living in Nevada and immigrant rights activist, was quoted in a pandering press release put out by the Clinton campaign:

“We may not have the right to vote, but “Mi Sueno, Tu Voto” will help ensure that our stories are heard and it will send a clear signal to Donald Trump that we cannot be silenced,” said Astrid Silva, Nevada DREAMer and immigrant rights activist. Hillary for America will be holding events across the country this week, including in Florida, Nevada and North Carolina, to unveil the program. “Mi Sueno, Tu Voto” will also serve to remind voters of Donald Trump’s hateful and dangerous agenda, highlighting his pledge to eliminate DACA and deport millions of DREAMers and immigrant families.
In a further attempt to enroll new voters likely to cast their ballots for Hillary, Planned Parenthood is also engaged in an extensive voter registration drive, not just in its clinics, but also on college campuses around America.
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