Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary Counts on Wall Street for Donations Video and List of Donors

Trump: Hillary counts on Wall Street for donations. I'll NEVER be bought and sold by them. My supporters are the BEST because they're every day Americans! Together, we WILL Make America Great Again!

Topping Hillary’s list is the Saban Capital Group. The “private investment firm,” (read: hedge fund) has given the Clinton campaign more than $10 million this year alone. Founded by Hami Saban, an Jewish Egyptian national, he has said his greatest concern is to protect Israel. He is also part owner of Univision, Hillary Clinton’s greatest Spanish-language cheerleader. Here’s how the New Yorker described his relationship with the Clintons:
A close second on the list is Renaissance Technologies, another hedge fund. They sunk $9.5 million into Hillary’s campaign this year. Founder James Simons has given more than $30 million to Democrats and their campaigns since 2006.
Third on the list is the Pritzker Group, a venture capital firm that also owns Hyatt Hotels (looks like a boycott?). They’ve given $7.9 million to Hillary.

Everybody’s favorite leftist billionaire George Soros has dumped $7 million into the campaign. Leftist billionaires and hedge funds dominate Hillary’s top donors.
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