Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary Admits Trump is RIGHT ON Building a Wall on Southern Border Video


Via Jews News
Does this sound familiar at all? Hillary Clinton is calling for a secure southern border that includes a wall. And yet, today she calls the idea of a wall “fantasy.”
In one of the many little-viewed Democrat Primary debates, Clinton said of the wall, “He’s talking about a very tall wall, right? A beautiful, tall wall. The most beautiful, tall, wall, better than the Great Wall of China, that would run the entire border, that he would somehow magically get the Mexican government to pay for. And, you know, it’s just fantasy.”
Seeing as a “wall” is a “physical barrier,” it appears Mrs. Clinton has either decided walls don’t work or she is pandering to a special interest group. That the DNC Convention used miles of security fencing to keep their own activists out leads me believe the latter to be the case.
And where Clinton talks about opportunity for those simply seeking access to the American Dream—well, Mrs. Clinton’s position then doesn’t square with her position now. “We need to have tougher employer sanctions,” Clinton said then, “and we need to try and incentivize Mexico to do more.”
Again, this position mirrors that of Donald Trump’s, yet no one called Mrs. Clinton a “racist” for calling for regulatory action against employers who abused the system then.
However, the most damning statement made by Clinton that short time ago comes in her belief that illegals should be deported. “If they have committed transgressions of any kind,” Clinton said pointedly, “they should obviously be deported.”
This statement aligns her with Kate’s Law against sanctuary cities and with law enforcement officials like Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Further, entering the United States by any other means than through an official border crossing is a felony crime. Therefore, all undocumented people from every nation – not just Mexico – should be, by her words, deported.
It is getting increasingly harder to figure out where Mrs. Clinton stands on immigration and border security. With the flip-flopping and the waffling, her position cannot be seen as firm. That means her position can “evolve” at any minute, like five seconds after she is sworn in should that tragedy occur.

No, best to vote for someone who doesn’t change political positions as often incontinent people change underwear.