Monday, August 15, 2016

Donald Trump Full Foreign Policy Speech at Youngstown State University 8/15/16 VIDEO/Comments

TRUMP gives a perfect address today his words were soft-spoken, direct, thoughtful, and POWERFUL

The Blaze’s Buck Sexton: “Trump's Recitation Of Obama Administration Failures In Middle East Is Devastating, And Ties Directly To His Opponent, Hillary Clinton”(, 8/15/16)
National Review’s Stephen Hayes: “Trump's Broad Indictment Of Obama National Security Strategy… Is Pretty Effective.” (, 8/15/16)
Journalist Joel Pollak: “Trump’s Emphasis On Assimilation Is Spot-On — New Immigrants Must Abandon Intolerance If They Want To Benefit From Residence And Citizenship” (, 8/15/16)
CNN: “Trump… Lit Into Clinton And Obama For Their Policies…” “Trump also lit into Clinton and Obama for their policies, blaming them for the rise of ISIS and spelling out what he would do instead.” (CNN, 8/15/16)
Fox News: “Calling For An American Foreign Policy Shift… Focus All Resources On Halting The Spread Of Radical Islam.” “Donald Trump, calling for an American foreign policy shift, vowed Monday to end ‘nation-building’ if he’s elected president – and focus all resources on halting the spread of radical Islam.” (Fox News, 8/15/16)
Fox News Headline: “Trump: End 'Nation-Building,' Focus On Fighting Radical Islamic Terror” (Fox News, 8/15/16)
New York Post Headline: “Trump Ready To Talk Tough In Foreign Policy Speech”(New York Post, 8/15/16)
Townhall’s Katie Pavlich: “Trump Slammed The Obama Administration's Manipulation Of Intelligence Reports To Downplay The ISIS Threat…” “Trump slammed the Obama administration's manipulation of intelligence reports to downplay the ISIS threat and attacked Clinton as lacking the judgment to be commander-in-chief.” (Townhall, 8/15/16)
Breitbart’s Alex Swoyer: “Trump Set Himself Apart From Hillary Clinton And President Obama’s Foreign Policy Approach…” “Donald Trump set himself apart from Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s foreign policy approach during a speech in Youngstown, Ohio on Monday where he laid out his foreign policy approach to deal with the Islamic State (ISIS) and radical Islam in more detail than he has in the past while on the campaign trail.” (Breitbart, 8/15/16)
WFMJ-TV (NBC-Youngstown): “Trump Has Focused His Speech On Fighting Terrorism And ISIS.” “Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken the stage at Youngstown State University's Kilcawley Center this afternoon. As expected, Trump has focused his speech on fighting terrorism and ISIS.” (WFMJ-TV, 8/15/16)
Yahoo! News’ Holly Bailey: “Trump Says He Will Throw People Out Of The Country Who Are Here ‘Preaching Hate.’” (, 8/15/16)
The Washington Post: “In His Speech Monday, Trump Said His Administration Would Be A Friend To All Moderate Muslim Reformers.” (The Washington Post, 8/15/16)
West Wing Reports’ Paul Brandus: “Very Even-Toned Speech By Trump And Good Use Of Prompter.” Brandus Tweet “Very even-toned speech by Trump and good use of prompter; but the words/content are a stark departure from his usual presentation.” (, 8/15/16)
CNBC’s Josh Brown: “I Agree With Trump That Internet Firms/Social Media [Companies] Need To Bear More Responsibility For Shutting Down Terror Recruitment.” (, 8/15/16)
USA Today: “Donald Trump To Supporters: ‘We Will Reject Bigotry And Hatred And Oppression In All Of Its Many Forms.’” (, 8/15/16)
USA Today Headline: “Trump Calls For 'Realism' In Anti-Terror Fight” (USA Today, 8/15/16)
The New York Times: “Laid Out His Plan For Combating Global Islamic Terrorism, Invoking The Cold War Era To Try New Approaches… Calling For Significant Changes In How The United States Defines Its Allies…” “Donald J. Trump on Monday laid out his plan for combating global Islamic terrorism, invoking the Cold War era to try new approaches and accusing President Obama and Hillary Clinton of bungling the fight against terrorist threats. Calling for significant changes in how the United States defines its allies, he urged an end to ‘nation building’ and recommended overhauling how the U.S. screens people coming in to the country.” (The New York Times, 8/15/16)
Youngstown Vindicator: “Trump Said He'd Welcome Any Nation That Wants To Destroy ISIS To Join The United States.” (Youngstown Vindicator, 8/15/16)
The Week: “Donald Trump Gave A Significant Speech On Terrorism On Monday, Describing The Battle Against "Radical Islamic Terrorism" As Being As Serious As The Cold War.” (The Week, 8/15/16)
Politico Sub-Headline: “The Republican Nominee Delivers A Sweeping Foreign Policy Address In Which He Also Calls For An End To Nation-Building.” (Politico, 8/15/16)
Politico Headline: “Trump Declares Clinton 'Lacks The Moral Clarity' For The White House” (Politico, 8/15/16)

The Hill Headline: “Trump Blames Obama, Clinton For Rise Of ISIS” (The Hill, 8/15/16)