Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump top vote getter in Delegates for North Carolina

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by Dr Ada M Fisher
A temporary medical emergency kept me from reporting on Tuesday of the convention which was absolutely intriguing for those people who did not want Donald Trump to be the presidential nominee. In passing the rules on the previous Monday of the convention, the need to strengthened requiring that delegates follow their State plans,  reflecting  the votes in the primary in accordance with the will of the voterswas clear.  Having these rules insured the will of the majority of voters as the secretary would explain how the votes should be reflected during the roll call of the delegates.  This made it clear that Mr Trump had more than 1700 votes to get the nomination having earned more votes than any others in a Republican presidential primary. 

NC's reporting on the votes for its Republican presidential candidates in  2016 were reported by District Chairmen John Stewart and Rev. Duane Cutlipp who were delegation co-chairs noting the counts for Cruz, Rubio and Dr. Carson.   Dr  Ada M. Fisher. the NC Republican National Committeewoman, an early Trump supporter who at her reelection to that position pledged to help ensure that the rules were followed and her commitment to casting 29 votes for Donald JohnTrump, the next President of the USA. In reading the votes, Fisher noted little known facts about the states Republican Party including its founding by African American and white Republicans and the establismentof10 percent of the nation's HBCUs heavily influence by Republicans within its borders.

Impressive during the convention was the stump by NJ Gov.Chris Christie. As a former federal prosecutor Christie made a compelling case  for Hillary for jail, her inability to handle classified information as demonstrated in the FBI's report and profound demonstrations of nontruth telling and conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation. 

Again the Trump family exhilerated the party's appreciation of his children who were polished, stylish, well bred and exhibited their uneqivocal  love for their father.  Donald, Jr.'s delivery and handsomeness pointed to a potential career in politics.