Monday, July 25, 2016

Hair Fire News Talk Radio/Rigged Hillary with Bruce Ash

The road to Donald Trump's nomination was rocky in a few places along the way but no one can say his nomination was set up like the ( not so ) Democratic Party who rigged their system for Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s nomination is supported by the grass roots from coast to coast. Not so for Clinton.

Almost 2 years ago a high ranking senior democrat party official told me and others there was no question Clinton would be their 2016 nominee. He said party officials had structured the contest specifically to favor her nomination.

When  asked how elites could control the presidential nomination in such a way ……. he just smiled.

Emails have become a real problem for democrats. Hillary’s emails hacked by the Russians and who knows how many other foreign powers. Emails have also led to the end of the road for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Recent email hacks show DNC officials deliberately rigging the 2016 selection process against any challenger to Clinton . Even invoking anti semitism as a strategy .

Whatever the outcome of the Democrat’s convention the Clinton / Caine team leaves the city of brotherly love damaged by Clinton contagion.

Crooked Hillary and the ( not so ) democrats desperately trying to defend their stale status quo with a very untrustworthy