Monday, July 25, 2016

Still Report #1065 - Wikileaks More Powerful Blast is Coming VIDEO

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says his next release of Clinton emails will be more damaging than the last.
Assange was interviewed on Britain’s ITV Network two weeks ago by Robert Preston, ITV’s political editor. Unfortunately Preston kept interrupting Assange, or much more useful information could have been disseminated, however what Assange did manage to say is very interesting.

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Assange says that a lot more is coming:
He says that not only are more emails coming, but implies that new info on the Clinton Foundation is coming as well, which experts have always believed will be the source of much more damaging evidence of criminal activity.
Perhaps the most interesting response was that Assange believes Trump would be better for freedom of the press issues.
Assange now reveals that future revelations will show that Clinton overrode Pentagon generals on the Libya situation time and time again and the result was just as the generals predicted – ISIS took over the country.
Here’s my takeaway from this brief and highly unsatisfactory peak into the world of Julian Assange. 
Today the speculation among Democrats was that that the Russians were behind Wikileaks’ previous release of 32,000 Clinton emails. Therefore Putin is on Trump’s side. This plays into the Dems narrative they are trying to hang around Trump’s neck that he will end up being a dictator like Putin. 
Well, Hillary, you are one to talk. You and Obama have done a pretty darned good job of overriding the rule of law and that, my friends is the definition of dictatorship.
However, Putin may not the driving force behind Wikileaks’ bulk email dumps. As we now know, it wouldn’t take too much hacking power to crack into an email system of the Democrats. 
No, this is personal for Assange. Clinton is after him and so he, naturally, is going to do everything he can possibly do to keep her from gaining more power. 
Of course, normalizing relations with Putin would be a good thing – for a number of reasons:
1. It would ease the growing fears of the Eastern European nations which worry that Putin may be trying to swallow them up again.
2. It could dramatically reduce the costs of NATO, for which the U.S. pays – as Trump said recently – more than its fair share.
3. There are recent reports that Putin has just applied more repressive sanctions on Christian churches. I’m not sure how accurate these reports are, so I have not run with them. 
However, Putin responds to being under pressure with paranoia. That’s not good for the home team in any way, shape or form.
And 4. One thing is for sure, if Putin and Trump trusted each other and reached a deal, that would be good for everyone – except – the invaders. 
Only if the West unites, can the effects of World War III – which is slowly ramping up now - be minimized.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.