Wednesday, July 20, 2016


“Paul Ryan throws Donald Trump under the bus as the GOP convention kicks off.” – 
“Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell make pitch for Trump but barely mention him.” – The Guardian
“Paul Ryan spoke for 12 minutes in his RNC speech. He mentioned Donald Trump exactly once.” – Peter Weber,
“I timed it out as 12 minutes and 25 seconds. It took him 9 minutes and 18 seconds to mention Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and then he spent the next 3 minutes and 6 seconds not mentioning them again.” – Brett McGinness, Reno Gazette-Journal
“Paul Ryan had the job of presiding over the convention that formally nominated Donald Trump for president on Tuesday night, but he barely mentioned the nominee in his formal address to the crowd at the RNC.” – AOL News
“Other than…saying that he’d be onstage with Trump and vice presidential nominee Mike Pence at the next State of the Union, Ryan mostly ignored talking about his party’s nominee.” – Ben Geier,
“Ryan made two references to Trump in his speech after not mentioning the Republican nominee by name when he addressed the Wisconsin delegation’s breakfast event Monday morning.” – Matthew DeFour, Journal Times
“Unlike many others taking the stage in Cleveland, Ryan scarcely mentioned the names of the party's presidential and vice presidential nominees and largely hewed to his policy-focused script that has shaped the speaker's agenda.” – Nick Gass, Politico
“Look at what we’ve done on K-12 education reform,” Ryan said, emulating a child showing mommy how well he stayed within the lines. . . . Ah, but Speaker Ryan did push through one “significant” bill before going on vacation: A bill bailing out Puerto Rico!
Now that Paul Ryan has needled Donald Trump on not being his “kind of conservative,” let’s take a look at exactly what kind of conservative Mr. Ryan himself is...
When your party not only controls the majority in the House of Representatives, but the largest majority in GOP history, and you STILL cannot pass any of the country’s dozen budgets on time while continuing to bleed red ink, that can only be considered, in the words of Al Gore, “a miserable failure.”
“Mr. Ryan faces a Aug. 9 primary against long-shot challenger Paul Nehlen, who says the speaker hasn’t done enough to embrace Republican nominee Donald Trump.” – Tom Howell Jr, Washington Times
“The challenge for insurgent candidates like Nehlen is that Ryan’s cozy alliance with globalist special interests not only gives Ryan much of his power, but it also provides him with unlimited financial resources to run ads in his district that portray him as being the opposite of who he is.” – Julia Hahn, Breitbart News
“Mr. Ryan’s complicated and almost conflicted stance on Mr. Trump has fueled some unrest at home in Wisconsin, where he faces a primary challenge from water-filtration executive and Trump supporter Paul Nehlen on Aug. 9. Mr. Nehlen earlier this month took out a full-page ad in the Janesville Gazette, Mr. Ryan’s hometown newspaper, calling him the most ‘anti-union, anti-worker member of Congress.’” – Kristina Peterson, Wall Street Journal
“On Aug. 9, (Paul Ryan) faces his first electoral test as speaker with a challenge from businessman Paul Nehlen, who hopes to tap the same public animosity toward the status quo that resulted in GOP majority leader Eric Cantor losing to a primary challenger in 2014. Nehlen, borrowing a page from Trump’s populist playbook, has criticized Ryan’s support for international trade deals and last week took out a newspaper ad reminding workers about the closure of Janesville’s GM plant in 2009