Sunday, July 17, 2016

Paul Nehlen Decalres WAR On Speaker Paul Ryan

It's WAR!
Paul Ryan's lackeys want you to believe he's not in trouble. But believe it when we say... he is.
We know this because we're now knocking on thousands of doors every day. And what the voters are telling us is that Ryan had his chance and they're willing to go in a different direction.
We know it and Paul Ryan knows it too.
In fact, Breitbart just featured a story that made Drudge showing how Ryan is now unloading a ton of political mail trying to pretend he's for border security. Click here to see the story.
In addition to the mass mailers, Ryan just launched a $150,000 ad buy for a 2 minute emotional TV ad suggesting the district is his priority. This when all evidence suggests his large donors are at the top of his list.

A GOP primary WAR is brewing and we need your help! Here's what we're doing.
  • Mail to targeted voters
  • Aggressive high profile billboards
  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Constant door-to-door canvassing
  • Round the clock voter contact through calls
This is very, very expensive. We have just 23 days left. 23 days in which Paul Ryan can spend virtually endless money waging war against Business executive Paul Nehlen.

Will you help us ensure we can get to the doors and push back against Paul Ryan's big money machine?

++ Click here to throw in a few bucks and help make history here in Wisconsin.

We're almost to the finish line. Now we just need to ensure we can get there!

Keep up the fight and stay vigilant.

For Liberty,
-Team Nehlen

P.S. Every dollar you donate gets us to a voter door for extremely important voter interaction. Help us get to as many doors as possible! Click here to contribute $10.00 now and let's go term limit Paul Ryan on August 9!