Sunday, July 24, 2016

Paul Nehlen Can Defeat Paul Ryan With Your Help

"Oh my goodness... WE CAN WIN THIS!"

My name is Eric and I work for Paul Nehlen's campaign here in Wisconsin. Nehlen is, without question, one of the hardest working, most authentic people I've ever known. It's an honor and a pleasure to be a part of his effort to defeat Paul Ryan and bring real representation back to Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District.

Which is why what I'm about to tell you is so important. You see, we're up against the single most powerful incumbent in Congress. Paul Ryan has MILLIONS in his accounts and he's running a blatantly dishonest campaign against us.

He's dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars in mail, he's got hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of TV and radio ads, and he has mega business PACs now meddling in this race, all dishonestly positioning him as a champion for liberty.

But you know what? We're fighting back and in a big way. We're knocking thousands of doors every day, we've got billboards up, TV and radio ads airing and mail hitting voters. We're not able to match him dollar for dollar, but we are doing everything we can to counter Ryan's every move.

And you know what? It's starting to work. Just yesterday, in fact, a voter/volunteer looked me in the eyes and with a rather shocking look on his face said something that stuck with me all night and morning.

"Oh my goodness... we can win this!"

The vibe we get at the doors is amazing. We're converting votes left and right out there and our hard work is having tremendous impact.

That said, we've got to do more.

We have 16 days. 16 days left to conduct one of the most difficult political battles of our lives. And we need your help.

Every single dollar, at this stage, moves mountains for this campaign. Every single dollar can be a vote for Paul Nehlen.

++ Click here to contribute to helping defeat Paul Ryan now.

The fight is here and now. The defeat of Paul Ryan can and will send shockwaves through Washington and change the way special interests control members of Congress forever.

Throw in a few bucks and help us make it happen.

For Liberty,
-Eric Odom

P.S. 16 days left and we're knocking thousands of doors every day. Every dollar you contribute helps us get to thousands more. Click here to contribute now.