Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Trump endorsement, Cause and effect #ClintonFBI edition

My friend Peter finally got his hat on straight and boarded the Trump Train. be
Peter "Da tech guy"
After the post Clinton Lynch meeting I had enough of sitting on the fence in this election so Sunday I endorsed Donald Trump

If leftists are willing to resort to violence and boast about it before an election when it might hurt their ability to persuade the people to vote for them, how much more willing will they be to violently suppress their political foes when such behavior is rewarded with electoral victory by the people?

What will that tell a populace that has already been arming itself nonstop for the last 4-6 years?

my conclusion...
while Trump will occasionally disappoint me (when he does I’ll call him on it) I am convinced he will neither persecute me nor strip me of my rights for holding my Conservative Catholic beliefs and acting on them.

I am very sorry to say I cannot make that same statement about Hillary Clinton, and I’m even sorrier to see the day when I would say this about a presidential candidate.

I suspect a lot of people on the right see the very same thing that I do coming and don’t want to admit it either out of fear or in the vain hope that pretending these things are not happening will keep them from happening.

That is no way to deal with an unpleasant reality, the only way to do so is to admit it and act upon it and the time to act and speak is now before the GOP convention not after.

Therefore I am voting for Donald J Trump for president, and I encourage you, whatever your misgivings to do the same, because if we reward the behavior of the left and their press enablers for their actions during the Obama years, the Hillary years will make the previous eight seem like a walk in the park.

And all of this was before the FBI decided that they didn't care if conservatives trust them.