Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hillary Reckless and Irresponsible

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Barbara Espinosa and Ron Ludders
I'm mad as HECK so please bear with me.by Ron Ludders

Here's the findings of the FBI on the Hillary illegal email server. Wow, what a big surprise! Let us review:

* 113 emails were classified at the time they were sent (Makes me sleep well at night)
* Thousands of work emails were deleted (Difficult to get Freedom of Information data)
* No official emails were ‘intentionally’ deleted  (Let a GRAND JURY decide)
* There were likely more work-related emails that will never be recovered (Delete Forever)
* It's ‘possible’ she was hacked (Ever hear of Guccifer, Snowden, Putin and his boys)
* Clinton used more than one server and multiple mobile devices (This not by accident)
* Anyone else might have faced administrative punishments (But she's a Clinton after all)

If this was an FBI background check, Hillary would not have received clearance!  And she's running for President? Sick

Those who thought the FBI was the last bastion of integrity and justice in America were served notice that anyone can be bought or intimidated by the clintons - including the head of the FBI James Comey.   So if this is not a Hillary crime, then Snowden did not actually hack top secret communications because is must have been public domain information.  Sorry, but the US must drop charges against Snowden as well. 

Comey’s open admission that there was secret State Department  information on her server is de facto admission of criminal behavior.  "We found clear evidence of violation of LAW" Comey, but found no evidence of a clear intention to violate the law.   "But we will not be prosecuting her for violating the law".  Why not let a GRAND JURY (Comprised of average citizens of our Republic, albeit a Banana Republic).

The information on Hillary's server would have had to be stolen from secured computers illegally and then illegally transmitted on to others.  THINK ABOUT IT!
Simply being in possession of such information is a crime.

Sec'y of State Hillary Rodham Clinton decides to host her official communications on a private server. Why? It is clear that she was anticipating having something to hide from the American people before even taking office. Hence, she made darn sure that such communications would be stored on a server that was under her complete control -- rather than government control that would be subject to exposure via the Freedom of Information Act.
Then when a planned Islamic terror attack on our foreign diplomatic missions took place, her Department denied repeated requests for added security before, gave orders to our military assets to stand down during, then fraudulently characterized these attacks as spontaneous reactions to a "terrible, horrible video that we had NOTHING to do with" afterward. The quickest official response to the Benghazi attacks was to perp-walk one of the producers of said video, making it clear that Shari'a de-facto trumps the 1st Amendment.
Given all of this, what possible investigation outcome could we expect from a Justice Department that is lead by those appointed by a President who benefited from this cynical coverup? This farcical theater has further pushed what was once a nation of laws that much closer to being what Ayn Rand called an Aristocracy of Political Pull.
The law in this country is applied differently, based upon political connections, wealth and membership in a politically favored demographic.
If Hillary Clinton becomes the next PoTUS, America will sink deeper toward Third World tin-pot dictatorship status.

I guess FBI wasn’t looking into the corruption that Hillary used her office to boost the bank account of the Clinton Foundation.  (A sad day for America)
News you many not have seen!
1)  Court: Officials can't use private email accounts to evade records laws - Strange, the court decision coming on the day of Comey's FBI findings.  A federal judge ruled on Tuesday.  that Federal officials may not use private email accounts to get around public records laws.

2)  Paul Ryan says Trump's Star of David tweet was 'anti-Semitic' - Ryan, get a life, and by the way switch political party's, you're a disappointment.

6)  “Malicious intent” is not required to break the law in Hillary Clinton’s case - since when is this the criteria for the commission of a crime.
7)  New HilLIARy campaign slogan "I'm sloppy and negligent, not criminal!"  -  Brings back Nixon days; "I'm not a crook."  This makes one wonder what Nixon did that was soooo bad to cause him to "resign" or be impeached.  Perhaps Nixon was more honorable than either Bill (who was impeached" and disbarred) and Hillary who made public America's top secret documents.