Thursday, July 28, 2016

Former Impeached POTUS Bill Clinton Left out Truth in Speech for Hillary Video

dick morris clinton billDick Morris, a one-time Clinton insider sets the record straight on some of his disinformation. He starts with a summary of the speech, saying, and “Bill Clinton lied in his convention speech last night about Hillary, omitting a lot and saying a lot that was only half true. So I’d like to fill in the blanks and I hope that we can circulate this all over the place so that we can get the truth out.”

Morris says of Bill Clinton, “He spent a lot of time talking about how idealistic Hillary was in law school, defending women and children. The fact is the main thing she did was to help represent the Black Panthers, who were accused of murdering police officers and security guards. She monitored the trial to find reversible error that could be cited on appeal to get them off after they were found guilty.

She then went to work for the head of the California Communist Party in their law firm, which is where she made contact with Saul Alinsky. He notes how Bill Clinton failed to mention that Hillary went to work for the Watergate committee but was fired because she took home documents, stole them. Those were that were important to Nixon’s defense. 

It seems she’s had a problem with taking possession of documents that don’t belong to her since a very early age, with her bootleg email server only being the most recent manifestation.