Wednesday, July 6, 2016

FBI Shows How Hillary Blatantly Lied to American People Video

A Tale Of Two Press Conferences 16 Months Apart Show In Stark Detail How Hillary Clinton Has Methodically Lied To The Public About Her Reckless Conduct Which Endangered National Security

·     At Clinton's original March 10, 2015 press conference she laid out a pack of lies to obfuscate facts, deflect blame and mislead the American people.
·     Today, FBI James Comey, who labeled Clinton and her aides' conduct "extremely careless," contradicted her original lies in a series of detailed, specific evidence-based statements.
·     Clinton originally claimed she had used "one device" for "convenience" to access her emails, but the FBI found she used "several different servers" and "multiple mobile devices" to access her email.
·     Despite Clinton claiming there "was no classified material," the FBI found Clinton sent or received over 100 emails containing classified material at the time these messages were transmitted.
·     While Clinton claimed her server was secure, the FBI found that it is "possible that hostile actors" gained access.
·     Despite Clinton saying a thorough search was conducted and nothing was deleted, The FBI found that individual emails were not individually reviewed by Clinton's lawyers in full and the devices were wiped clean.
·     As Clinton rides Air Force One with the President to a campaign event in North Carolina, recall it was Obama who also claimed, without evidence, that Clinton's email use was not a national security problem.