Saturday, July 23, 2016

Eric Trump: The Quiet Man

Testment to Eric Trump's RNC Convention Speech
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I have not had the time to write a Trump White Paper on the Trump who has been overlooked, as Melania charmed the crowd, Ivanka moved the crowd, and the crowd was ready to elect Donald Trump jr. to anything he chose to run for in his speech which was as powerful as his father's.

The man though that I choose to admire most at the convention was Eric Trump and the reason is, is because every person missed what this Trump accomplished and it was monumental.

None of us can really comprehend what it would be like to be Eric Trump in having a father running for President, glamorous siblings and being told, "Eric you get the lead up night and by the way, you follow Ted Cruz".

Put yourself on that stage in Eric Trump's position. Ted Cruz, the darling of Obama Clinton media has just blown up the convention like a suicide bomber. The crowd is furious. The crowd is on edge. You are not a politician with any experience. You have thousands of irate people before you, not paying attention and looking for a fight.
10 out of 10 people would have wilted at this and failed at this. Not Eric Trump.

All of the Trump kinder are slow to start, because none have any experience with arena speaking which is difficult. People are wandering around. People are not paying attention. People think you are doll size as they are so far away, and you are blinded by lights.

Eric Trump though began calmly. It looked like a speech which was going to be lost, because when you have a room filled with the echoes of Ted Cruz shouting, lecturing and demeaning people, you have a room filled with people used to a rock n roll event in everything is still at a WE WANT TRUMP level of shouts.

Mr. Trump kept on though, and one by one, group by group, the Republicans started listening to him and being moved by him. It was not the passion which drove Donald jr. or the sweetness of Tiffany, but it was the unique persona of Eric Trump, entering the battle calmly, setting things in order again and erasing the Ted Cruz attack on the convention, by a resolute, and quiet voice.

There is a story of Ireland in The Quiet Man, which John Wayne starred in. It was about a man of self assured power in his abilities who was not loud or brash. It was a great deal like General Omar Bradley in World War II, surrounded by the brash leadership of inspiring generals, instead in quietly by example of leadership, gaining the support of the Army he was sent to command in France.

Do not think that I mean that America does not need Pattons, MacArthurs or Donald Trump Sr. and Jr., because they are vital. What I point out though that everyone has neglected to note, was that in the breach of a bomb blasted convention by Ted Cruz terrorism, a Quiet Man in Eric Trump appeared when he had to by God given design, and this man set the convention on course again for his father, for Newt Gingrich to inherit that calm, to teach the people about Republicanism, so that the foundation was laid for Vice President Mike Pence to have a world audience to speak to which was listening. Without Eric Trump succeeding where no one else could, Mrs. Gingrich would not have been heard. Newt Gingrich would have been ignored and Mike Pence would have been lost in the confusion.

Of all the Trump children, Eric Trump had the most impossible task, akin to President George W. Bush arriving in New York after 9 11 in the rubble of New York, and finding a way to tell Americans, "We hear you and soon the world will hear you".

President Donald Trump hit the 3rd stage booster in his acceptance speech. Ivanka Trump lit the fuse for that rocket ignition. Tiffany provided the sweetness, Melania the love for America, and Donald jr. launched the Trump lift off in his powerful speech. But I do not want Eric Trump lost in the smouldering ashes of GOPliter worship on the self inflicted Ted Cruz, because President Trump and Ivanka Trump's job would have been so much more impossible in connecting with Americans, if Eric Trump had not preformed triage at that convention and bound up the wounds of America deliberately inflicted by Ted Cruz.

(The Cruz Cult in death worship of the political corpse of Cruz propped up by Trump hating Washington Post praising the suicide bomber Ted.)

I Choose Ted Jonah Goldberg 

Eric Trump defined Ted Cruz perfectly after Mr. Trump rescued America from the Cruz suicide attack.