Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DNC Violates Immigration CodeSection 8 U.S. Code 1324 By Having Three Illegal Ailens Speak at Convention

DNC aided and abetted two illegal aliens on Monday night during the nationally televised DNC Convention 2016 in Philadelphia.
From DML:
DNC twice violated Section 8 U.S. Code 1324.
At 8:04pm local time, the DNC invited an illegal alien to accompany her daughter to tout Hillary Clinton for president. During her speech, which was televised on national TV, the daughter explicitly said her mother is in the United States illegally.
 Minutes before the mother and daughter team took to the stage, the DNC played a video showing the daughter communicating with Hillary Clinton during one of her tour stops in Nevada. It was then that the daughter (Karla) admitted to Hillary Clinton that her mother (Francisca) received a government issued letter of deportation. Clearly, the mother is ignoring the deportation order, and so to is the DNC and Hillary Clinton

 And then…they did it again… Following the mother / daughter act, another illegal alien took to the podium at 8:09pm local time. Her name is Astrid Silva, and she said in clear English, “I came to America illegally with my mother when I was 4-years old.
 We crossed the river [Rio Grande] on a raft.” Aside from illegally harboring two illegal aliens, it would be interesting to learn how the illegal aliens traveled to Philadelphia and who paid for the travel arrangements? Furthermore, where are they staying this evening and who paid for the lodging? If Democrat officials participated in any of these actions, they are also in violation of Federal law. And the reaction of the crowd to this blatant violation of Federal law? Wild applause.