Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Democrat 2016 Party Platform To Change America With Refuge and Illegal Immigration

Image result for democratic partyThe Democratic Party 2016 Party Platform is determined on remaking America into its own image, and that necessarily includes a IN YOUR FACE policy aimed at continuing to shape America into a permanent Democratic majority.

The platform calls for a path to citizenship "for law-abiding families who are here and the end of immigration raids against children and families, due process for “those fleeing violence in Central America,” and to rescind statutory bans on immigrants who modify their status in the country.” 

How is this going to happen? Why, by continuing their relentless push to bring as many Third World immigrants here as possible, particularly from Mexico and Central America (because these folks, for some reason, tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic), and by shamelessly pandering to the Hispanics who are already here.

Calls the Muslim travel ban proposal, calling religious tests for entry un-American and  no borders. “Democrats will not stand for the divisive and derogatory language. Offensive comments about immigrants and other communities have no place in our society. This kind of rhetoric must be rejected,” the platform reads. Source