Friday, July 22, 2016

Convention Update by Dr Ada M Fisher National Committeewoman from Salisbury,NC

Dr Ada M Fisher 
Wednesday's RNC Convention again featured the Trump family with youngest daughter Tiffany and son Eric both extolling the virtues of their father.   The North Carolina connections with Eric's Wrightsville Beach born wife were not lost on me. 

Before another attack surrogate, Newt Gingrich could finish his powerful emphasis on the flaws of the Clinton Obama shortcomings.  The attempted spoiler of the night was failed presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  Cruz's non endorsement of Trump after his pledged support to the victor and refusal to say he would vote for the Republican ticket left even his prior supporters at a loss for this party disloyalty would not be forgotten in the future.
The NC delegation had seats adjacent to the Trump booth witnessing Trump's mastery on an entrace when he entered to cheers before the Cruz speech's end and the begining of that for his son, Eric.

Mike Pence, the Republican Party Vice Presidential nominee, took the right tone and demonstrated his understated sense of humor which charmed the delegates. Pence's extensive background in government and record of economic achievement were impressive.