Monday, July 11, 2016

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham to Lori Hack Delegate to RNC Convention: YOU HAVE RESIGNED

You have signed an agreement to support the Republican nominee for President at the RNC Convention in Cleveland Ohio, If you are not going to live up to your agreement DON’T GO. be 
Lori Hack wrote Sunday on her Facebook page, “he doesn’t represent our party and he can’t win in November. Not only do the moral objections to his candidacy run deep, but his positions are also absolutely untrustworthy. He speaks by the seat of his pants and floats ideas out into thin air only to retract them the next day when they are ill-received.”
Hack is part of Free the Delegates, one of the several groups hoping to change the rules in order to pick a different nominee in Cleveland.

Delegate Lori Hack: From what I am hearing, the credentialing is out of line just like appointing PCs out of voting order to fill vacancies within our Cleveland delegation. Yes, I am with Free the Delegates since voting for a liberal is something I haven't done knowingly. Sorry to hear you got sucked in to the Trump cult.  I don't have a habit of falling for cults.  Cults are anti-freedom. 

 Immediate Past AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey to Lori Hack: Please rest assured that I am not a member of any cult (even though I grew up Catholic).  I don't harbor any ill feelings for anyone, especially Ted Cruz, with the exceptions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  My only concern here is saving this country and I believe that the only way we can get that done is to begin the journey back to American Excellence and the way to do that is to defeat Hillary.  I stress to you the word "begin" because her defeat is only the beginning of the journey of a thousand miles.  Donald Trump, like most of us, is far from perfect, but he is a quantum leap from Hillary, and unlike her, he actually is trying to save this republic in the manner that our founders intended..If you think of nothing else, please consider the Supreme Court and what a Hillary presidency would do to that body and our country as a result.
Barbara Says:You signed an agreement to support the Republican nominee at the Cleveland Convention. So what you are telling the world is your word isn’t worth crap. That you don’t give a rat’s backside who Arizonans voted by a margin of 2 to 1 you think you know better. And you really are supporting a known liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton who has been at the center of scandals since the 60’s.