Monday, July 4, 2016

AZGOP Chair Robert Graham Will Oust Delegates From RNC Convention

HOORAY for Robert Graham has the cojones to oust  ROGUE DELEGATES from convention who won't vote for nominee.
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Robert Graham, the Arizona Republican Party Chairman, told FOX News on Monday that if an Arizona state Republican delegate does not want to vote that the best solution is for them to stay home.
Graham said he will send home any rogue delegate who breaks party rules and does not vote for Donald Trump at the GOP convention.
According to Graham, “Disrupters will be removed.”


Jarrod White said...

Barbara.... Please tell me by what authority Robert Graham has to oust delegates?

Barbara said...

Every delegate signed a pledge to support the nominee and also ARS Title 16 - Arizona Revised Statutes
Arizona State Legislature
16-224, Proclamation by governor; time for electing delegates to convention for ratification of amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
16-243 - National convention delegates; vote for candidates
16-243. National convention delegates; vote for candidates. A. The selection of delegates to the political party national conventions shall be as provided in the

Teresa Zarra said...

There are a bunch of delegates refusing to attend. Can we get people who are willing to go and willing to support our presumptive nominee assigned to those seats? We should have representation, it's not about their personal desires.

travelling dancer said...

We had sneaky people running at the Arizona Convention, I am glad Robert Graham is doing his job.

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