Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“All-Gender” Dems Slap Sign On Women’s Bathroom At DNC

Living up to Obama's executive order on at least one bathropm at DNNC Convention.
Via MNW:
My introduction to the Democratic National Convention was being set up by talk-radio row. The first thing a lot of us realized was a sign on the bathroom directly across from us. The sign reads: “all-gender restroom.”
All of the other bathrooms in the arena appear to be more traditional, split by the sexes. Is it a coincidence that the all-gender restroom is right by the press booth?
I went inside to take some photos. It appears that it’s just a women’s bathroom with the new sign on it.
Not everyone is happy. One woman who works at the arena walked by muttered something under her breath. I was there to talk a little bit more in depth with her.
“I don’t need no man in the next stall next to me while I go to the bathroom,” she told me. “So that means you could be [using the restroom] or something and I’m right there. It’s not right. And they say all the bathrooms are like this?
“We need a male and female. I’ve got personal business. I’m trying to keep it real. Seriously,” she added. “… It’s privacy. I need privacy. Ain’t no kids in here, but I need privacy. Simple as that.”
Is it the end of the world? No, of course not. It’s not a big deal. Is it a little weird? Sure. We’re not used to it. But I think we will survive.