Thursday, June 23, 2016


There is a plan afoot to change delegate rules to allow a delegate to vote their Conscience at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, in an effort to deny Trump the nomination.
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It seems the Republican National Committee is also a culprit by appointing Enid Mickelson and Ron Kaufman to run convention rules since they were leaders in the 2012 Romney campaign. Also former RNC Chair Haley Barbour is running Permanent Organization in the middle of a rising “conscience” vote movement being organized by Governor Romney and others who seek to nullify 56 state contests and possibly bring in another nominee?
For the record there is no such thing as a “Morals Clause” or Conscience Vote. The moral and conscience choice was made at the ballot box by over 13 million voters by the rank and file Republicans, Independents and cross over Democrats.
If the RNC actually allows a vote to essentially invoke “The Curly Haugland Rules” to reverse the results of the primary contests and unbind our delegates. Millions of Republicans will leave the GOP. If their goal is to see the GOP go the way of Whigs change the rule to deny the people’s choice the nomination.
Reince Preibus Chair of the RNC has stated he can’t stop votes on rules changes, which is horse hockey plain and simple.
The RNC controls the purse strings for the party, and is capable not opening the purse if the Rules committee goes off on a tangent that harms the nominee and ignores the will of the people, close up the purse.
Donald Trump’s biggest obstacle will not be the crazy protesters but the Republican Party, he will be facing a host of serious convention issues that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to worry about.
As far as the so called elite among the Republicans i.e. Mitt Romney, the Bushes,  Arizona Sen. John McCain, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and who knows how many more who have made it public they will not attend the convention. Reach out to your Republican representatives in Congress and let them know at election time you will not forget their participation in this insurrection.
If the RNC allows any of this to happen they will be giving their middle finger to over 13 million voters.