Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump University Playbook Is Filled With Normal Real Estate Questions Read Playbook

There is nothing in Trump’s playbook that isn’t taught in many Real Estate Schools around the country. What the advertisement suggest is Trump will teach the classes. False advertising, maybe. But school owners don't normally teach all the classes.
Is Trump personally responsible if what was taught in the class did not get the required results for everyone, NO.
I sold real estate from 1974 until 2007 and took many classes on how to get a listing, qualify a buyer and how to make money in real estate. On how to buy tax liens, foreclosure, flip property and how to finance and leverage a buy.
A question that may be taught: Nothing wrong with questions, helps determine if buyer or seller can buy or sell.

From personal experience I know that not every class you take works for everyone. By following all of the points some work for you some don’t, I would never have sued the school for the choices I made in following the schools suggestions on how to make money in real estate.
The difference that I see is:
It was way overpriced for classes they were not accredited to renew your license
The classes were not approve by the Real State Departments of the states where classes were taught.The classification of University was not meet by New York requirements.
In 2005, the New York State Department of Education sent Trump, Sexton, and Trump University a letter saying that they were violating state law by using the word "university" when in fact Trump University was not actually chartered as one and did not have the required license to offer live instruction or training.[10] Although Sexton promised that the organization would stop instructing students in New York State, the New York Attorney General alleged that such instruction continued.[10]

Former students of the now-defunct Trump University have filed a federal lawsuit against the for-profit educational institution started by presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump alleging fraud and predatory business tactics. However, most voters nationwide say the issue will not impact their support of Trump positively or negatively in the upcoming election. (To see survey question wording, click here.)