Monday, June 13, 2016

The LBGT Community is also People With Feelings

Since recorded history there has been an LBGT community in all countries, races, nationalities and religions’. 
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They have the same feelings, aspirations and goals as a “straight person.”
1.       Want to be accepted for self
2.      Want love and a happy life
3.      Love their respective countries
4.     Some want to marry and have a family
5.      Some have life partners, some don’t
6.     Some are religious, talented, beautiful, enlist in the military, volunteer for a cause
7.      They are Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, Salesman, Blue Collar and White collar workers and there are some who are Politicians
The point being the LBGT community is all around us and should be treated no different from anyone else. And certainly no reason to go on a killing rampage.
Some so called Christians use the Bible to ostracize, ridicule and judge a person based on their gender preference. A Bona Fide Christian will accept all of God’s children for who they are. 
The History of Homosexuality 
LGBT community history goes back to 9660 to 5000 
BCE Mesolithic rock art in Sicily depicts phallic male figures in pairs that have been interpreted variously, including as hunters, acrobats, religious initiates and depictions of male intercourse.