Monday, June 13, 2016

The Clinton Crime Family: Hillary The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

Benghazi AttackPerhaps the most flagrant behavior of Hillary was her response to the 2012 attacks on the US mission in Benghazi, Libya resulting in the deaths of four American citizens, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.
"What difference, at this point does it make?" Clinton boomed in a 2013 Sentate hearing.

I say it makes allot of difference to freedom loving Americans.

Why did Secretary Clinton deny requests for additional security at the consulate prior to the attack?

Why did the Whitehouse and State Department represent the attack as a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim video? 

Were they covering up a CIA presence in Bahghazi smuggling weapons from Libya to anti-Assad rebels in Syria?
Many questions remained unanswered and will likely continue to be unanswered for the foreseable future.
Later it was learned by the House committee investigating the attack on the US mission in Benghazi that Secretary Clinton violated government rules by exclusively using a private email account kept on her private computer server in her home during her four years at the State Department. And, in typical Clinton style, she lied. Clinton's office said she only used one private email address during her time at the State Department, while the New York Times discovered that Hillary used more than one address. Clinton asserted that her use of a private email account was aboveboard and allowed under State Department rules. She further asserted that she did not send or receive classified material on the private account. However, a government review of the emails determined that some of the emails were deemed classified.

When Hillary became Secretary of State (2009 - 2013), she promised that the Clinton Foundation would stop accepting donations from foreign governments. However, tax returns disclosed extensive donations continued to be made by foreign governments in 2012 and 2013, while Hillary was Secretary of State. 
Very large contributions to the Clinton Foundation and exorbitant speaking fees for Bill Clinton were proven to coincide with favors granted by the State Department and signed off by then-secretary Hillary Clinton.
EnergizerIn 2010, the Clinton Foundation arranged a $2 million pledge to a power company partly owned by a wealthy blond divorcee - who some say is the frequent visitor to his home nicknamed "Energizer." 

After leaving the State Department, Hillary joined her daughter and husband as named members of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and the foundation began accepting donations from foreign governments. Clinton resigned from the foundation's board in April 2015, when she began her presidential campaign.

In addition to Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and the scandal involving her emails as Secretary of State, there was Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater, the mystery surrounding the death of Vincent Foster, and a cattle futures “miracle” that netted Clinton a lot of money.
Hillary has consistently shown she believes to be above the law.
Back in 1978 and 79, while First Lady of Arkansas, it's been alledged she took a $100,000 bribe, camouflaged as futures trades, from Arkansas's largest employer, Tyson Foods Inc. She engaged in a series of trades of cattle futures contracts and netted a $100,000 windfall from cattle futures after a $1,000 investment. Hillary Clinton's defenders maintained that she had made her own decisions, that her own money was constantly at risk, and that she made both winning and losing trades. There never was any official governmental investigation into, or findings about, or charges brought regarding Hillary Rodham's cattle futures trading.
It's been alledged she speculated in Health Care industry futures while overseeing legislative reform of same.
  • Failed to correct false testimony by co-defendant Ira Magaziner in Health Care trial.
  • Ordered members of the Health Care Task Force to shred documents that were the target of a court probe.
Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady to testify before a grand jury when she was subpoenaed by the Whitewater grand jury. Ultimately, no charges were brought against her.
In 1996, Hillary was accused by the Senate Special Whitewater Committee of ordering chief White House counsel, Bernard Nussbaum, to remove potentially damaging files related to Whitewater from Vince Foster's office on the night of his death and telling aides to lie about their removal. The Senate Whitewater committee subpoenaed FBI reports showing that Hillary Clinton's fingerprints were found on hundreds of pages of Rose law Firm documents found in the White House residence quarters in January. Of course, Hillary denied everything. In a two-page affidavit to Senate Whitewater investigators on June 17th, Hillary Clinton states that she "does not know" how her Rose Law Firm billing records ended up in the White House.
  • Obstructed justice by ordering the shredding of Vince Foster's documents in the Rose Law Firm.
  • Obstructed justice by keeping her billing records, a document sought under subpoena, in the White House residence.
  • Lied to investigators about her knowledge about billing records.
  • Lied to investigators about her involvement in the Castle Grande land flip con.
Associate White House counsel William Kennedy, White house director of administration David Watkins, and White House aide Patsy Thomasson was accused of fabricating charges against White House Travel Office personnel to have the business taken over by Clinton friends. They coerced FBI and IRS agents into complicity with this scheme. Thomasson ordered the removal of hard drives from computers in the travel Office three days before the firings of seven Travel Office staff and just two days before an audit of the office began. The Special Committe investigating Whitewater included Thomasson in their conclusion that the evidence established that White House officials engaged in a pattern of deliberate obstruction of, and interference with, efforts by law enforcement authorities to conduct their several investigations into Vince Foster's death. Kennedy and Watkins have resigned. Thomasson has moved on to become Chief of Staff at the Ben Barnes Group in Washington DC and serves in a liaison capacity between BBG and Capital Hill.
Travel Office employee, Catherine Cornelius removed documents from White House Travel Office. Because those documents later became the subject of a trial against Office Director Billy Dale, that could amount to obstruction of justice.
  • Ordered the use of the FBI to discredit Travel Office employees.
  • Lied to investigators about her involvement in the firing of Travel Office Employees. In May 1993, the co-president was accused of having a central hand in firing several long-time employees of the White House Travel Office, the better to give the pricey travel business to her Hollywood pals, Linda Bloodworth Thomason and Harry Thomason. Hillary denied everything and when Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray investigated Travelgate, he concluded that there was substantial evidence that involved Hillary but not enough to warrant an indictment.
  • The White House finally releases more than 2,000 documents on June 25, 1996, relating to the travel office firings, originally requested two years prior by congressional investigators.

On June 6, 1996, The Los Angeles Times reported that the White House sought confidential FBI background documents on fired White House Travel Office chief Billy Dale. The next day, the White House admits it ordered FBI files of more than 330 people, including dozens of Republican leaders, saying it was working off an "outdated list" of people who had applied for access to the White House. Eventually it is discovered that about 1,000 people's FBI files were obtained by Clinton officials. Rest of the article is HERE