Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Speaker Paul Ryan Begs for Contributions

Let me be pefectly clear until you cease the negativity against the Republican presumptive nominee for President DO NOT ask me for money. Anyone that wishes to make contribution for the Republican presidential campaign go to Donald J Trump web site. HERE
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Please read - only takes a second
I know you’re busy, so I’ll be brief.
I need your help.
Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have already raised $101.7 million this election cycle to win back Congress.
I wouldn’t be emailing if this was not incredibly serious, Barbara.
If we allow Nancy Pelosi to continue to outraise us, our conservative majority in Congress may be in danger.
We cannot afford to fall further behind - especially with the FEC quarterly deadline quickly approaching.
Will you pitch in $25 to help put us over the top? I only need 27 more conservatives from your area to step up today.
Pitch in $25 Immediately >>>

Pitch in $50 Immediately >>>

Pitch in $100 Immediately >>>

Pitch in $250 Immediately >>>

If we lose the White House and Congress, there won’t be anything stopping Nancy Pelosi from rubber-stamping every single radical policy Hillary puts forward.
This isn’t a what-if scenario, Barbara. This is a real possibility.
I hope you’ll join me in fighting to preserve and grow our majority in Congress:
Speaker Paul D. Ryan