Monday, June 27, 2016

Reince Preibus Your Actions/Inactions That The Republican Party Wants To Back Hillary

Trump may not be what YOU want but it IS what the citizens of this country want.  
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by Jobi Rosen
I have a question for you and the entire Republican Party.  

What on earth is wrong with all of you?  You are either very greedy, in denial or brain dead if you cannot see what you have done with the Party over the years. 

 We used to be a nation "of the people, by the people and for the people".  Now it may be of the people but it is by the House and Senate for their own profit through special interest groups and their advocates.  When a nation of majority rules is now ruled by the special interest groups many of whom are representing the minority factions, we have traveled down the rabbit hole.  

You have an opportunity for much needed change and should be completely backing the people's choice in Donald Trump.  He was not my first choice but this country has spoken.  Instead, I see "Never Trump" signs.  This is within our party.  

I wonder where they got that slogan from.  The Party would rather put up people like John McCain and Mitt Romney who are a couple of wusses than someone who is a fighter and can stand up to Hillary.  It looks as though you want to back Hillary whether through your action or inaction.  Yes Trump often says the wrong thing; train him but back him in the election. It may not be what YOU want but it IS what the citizens of this country want. 

Jobi Rosen,