Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Julian Assange, four years of freedom denied

Upon completion of four years of political asylum to Julian Assange, programmer, Activist, journalist and Internet activist Australian, best known as the founder, editor and spokesman for the website WikiLeaks, at the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in London, England, the International center for Advanced Communication Studies for Latin America (CIESPAL) organizes an academic event to discuss four areas:
1.       Human rights and international law. The case of Assange as a paradigm of geopolitical struggle.
2.      Geopolitics and Struggles from the South
3.      Technopolitics and Cyberguerra
4.     From the Pentagon Papers to the Panama Papers.
This event, to be held from 20 to 24 June 2016, will include the participation of relevant academics, activists and professionals from different countries, such as Roy Singham (USA), Ignacio Ramonet (France), Baltasar Garzon (Spain ), Amauri CHAMORRO (Brazil), Emir Sader (Brazil), Carol PRONER (Brazil) and Evgeny MOROZOV (Belarus). In addition, Julian Assange held a lecture on Thursday 23 June from 14h00.
By Ecuador will participate: Francisco Sierra Caballero, Director General of CIESPAL; René RAMIREZ, Secretary of SENESCYT; Ruben ZAVALA, MediaLabUIO;Orlando Perez, Director of News of The Telegraph; Andres Arauz, Coordinating Minister for Human Resource and Guillaume LONG, State Chancellor Ecuador.
a digital exhibition of the best caricatures made on the subject will also be open.

Admission to the event is free; however registration is required:http://inscripciones.ciespal.org/inscrip_assange/ficha.php