Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Important Message AZ RNC National Committeeman Bruce Ash Re: Convention and Donald Trump

Please take time to read this message Bruce Ash is on the RNC Rules Committee and is taking a national hit from liberal media. 
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He is also trying to prevent a group within the Rules Committee from changing the rule that could take the nomination away from Donald Trump We need to get behind Bruce to stop this lynch mob approach. Contact Reince Preibus and let him know how we feel about rigging the convention rules. RNC: 202-863-8500 and @GOP (Twitter) RNC Chairman: 202-863-8700 Reince Priebus and @Reince (Twitter).be
Bruce Ash National Committeeman For Arizona Impotant Message to RNC Members by Barbara Espinosa

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  1. Hang Bruce Ash - NOT!
    I have known Bruce in the political circles of southern Arizona for years. He is a Trump supporter and he was commenting on the sloppiness of those who were to protect Trump in convention matters. Bruce being the Arizona male delegate to the RNC and the chair of the RNC rules committee knows something about RNC politics.

    He is being vilified for a statement that in essence supported Trump with all his might. Misinformed people are asking him to resign. I have asked Bruce to NOT RESIGN! Anyone who thinks that I am not a strong Trump supporter should read my blogs and FB posts.
    Bruce sat in front of me at the Arizona State delegate convention and I can tell you that he was supporting Trump, despite what certain media says.

    We need Bruce in the fray to help and protect Donald Trump. I will not share any of his communications with me, but I will make an exception and share one sentence: "All I did is stand up to the never trump people who want to steal the nomination from Trump."
    We need to stop this lynch mob approach and get behind Bruce Ash.

    Bruce Ash is someone to be listened to. He is a level headed, intelligent man, who knows a whole lot about politics and the RNC's inner workings.


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