Monday, June 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s WE in Ramadan Greeting to Muslims -Has She Gone to The Dark Side

Hillary Clinton’s 2-letter word WE in Ramadan greeting to Muslims sparks Twitter uproar
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The Democratic presidential front-runner addressed all Muslims in observing Ramadan, the Islamic holy month marked by fasting and prayer.
As we begin Ramadan, I wish all Muslims a blessed time of reflection, family, and good health. Ramadan Mubarak. -H
— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 5, 2016
Twitter users questioned Clinton’s use of “we” in her tweet and whether it meant she was now a Muslim as well.
— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) June 5, 2016
“We”? @HillaryClinton when have you converted? #Ramadhan
— MoxNisi (@moxnisi) June 5, 2016
As WE begin Ramadan? Now your Muslim too? I just can’t keep up I guess. Moron
— Angie (@ang_yow) June 5, 2016
As “we” begin Ramadan? We? RT @WayneMelanson: More useless pandering from the queen of chuzputt.
— Southern Daisy (@SouthrnDaisies) June 5, 2016
@SouthrnDaisies @watchmennews @WayneMelanson @HillaryClinton I don’t remember you wishing us a Merry Christmas
— DWagner (@Dwagner2465) June 5, 2016
What do you mean by “we”?
— Country Momma (@FLSouthernMomma) June 5, 2016
Many Twitter users were not joining the former secretary of state in her greeting.
@skorpyos @HillaryClinton Yes, thank you for supporting a religion that suppresses women’s rights and funds international terrorism.
— Madam Corruption (@pegme69hrd) June 5, 2016
@HillaryClinton I always hate when politicians have to make those phony announcements. Politicians should just refrain from it all.
— Mιтcнell Kαde (@kade6767) June 5, 2016
ALL Muslims? Even the ones you helped to kill Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods? #Trump
— Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) June 5, 2016
all muslims? does that include the families of the muslims, the rebels you helped arm, killed?
— MetalMackay41 (@Metalmackay41) June 5, 2016
@asamjulian @HillaryClinton Ambassador Stevens is unavailable for comment…
— Scales (@MeatScales) June 5, 2016
@dm3300 @HillaryClinton no, she’s pandering for cash and votes as usual.
— Madam Corruption (@pegme69hrd) June 5, 2016
This tweet brought to you by the government of Saudi Arabia #FollowTheMoney
— Literally Stifler (@FreeSpeechOrDie) June 5, 2016
@HillaryClinton This is #America. “We” celebrate freedom, and abhor evil.
— Jo Wallace (@Ms10AC) June 6, 2016
@HillaryClinton The correct thing to write would be “As Ramadan begins”…unless you are Muslim. But I see what you’re trying to do.

— Maria McNeill (@californiaria) June 6, 2016