Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Funding Arizona Schools -It’s time for next steps now!

PHOENIX-There is a very long list of groups working together to pressure the governor and lawmakers to take the next steps in funding Arizona’s public schools. The AZ Schools Now coalition includes the following organizations:
And chances are this list is going to keep growing because ensuring our schools have the resources needed to prepare Arizona kids for the future is not about politics.  Parents, teachers, students, families and communities are coming together to hold lawmakers and the governor accountable for the state of our schools.  AZ Schools Now is calling for a long-term, sustainable revenue plan for education that will focus on three key areas:

  • Restoring funding for classroom supplies, updated technology and textbooks. This would require restoring district additional assistance.
  • Sustaining a workforce of quality, certified and caring teachers in the classroom by investing in competitive salaries and professional development.
  • Restoring capital funding to give our students schools and classrooms that are safe, clean and functional places to learn.

House Democrats have worked tirelessly toward these goals for years. With continued pressure from parents and community leaders, we can make meaningful progress in strengthening Arizona’s public schools. And we stand with coalition leaders calling on the governor and Republican legislators to make an “ironclad” commitment to take the next steps in restoring public school funding.