Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Donald Trump With Over 1500 Delegates is Presumptive Nominee-Don’t Count on It

The RNC Rules Committee could change the rules at the convention that could oust Trump. 
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They could change the number of delegates required the unbound delegates could go rouge and not for Trump on first ballot.
There are 2,472 delegates that will attend the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18-21 to select the presidential nominee. The winner must carry 1,237—half of the total, plus one. If no single candidate has secured a majority of delegates after the first ballot, a brokered convention results.
They have amendments that are proposed but can’t be voted on until the convention and it’s possible for them to add more changes. See below
They changed rule 40 in 2012 to ensure Romney was the nominee and that ousted Ron Paul.

I’m sure if the RNC decides to listen to the pundits and elected officials instead of the people they will commit party suicide if they Dump Trump. 

Trump has received 13,406,108 votes to date in the elections according to 
As a result Trump has more votes than any candidate in Republican history. Trump shattered the previous record by 1.4 million votes — and that was with 17 candidates in the race.
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